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The BbyC Method

Adapt. Transform. Evolve.


New to Body By Chaz?

Adapt your Lifestyle

All new clients will go through the adapt phase first. This phase includes your initial assessment, setting your goals, and adapting your lifestyle to match these goals.

The most important part of the adapt phase is strengthening your body and learning proper technique. Whether you're new to fitness or a fitness pro, the adapt phase will help us establish the best routine for your goals. Every phase requires a test out to move to the next.


Ready to ramp up the intensity?

Transform your Body

After your adapt test out, we will set new goals, adopt tougher routines, and begin sculpting your body. Transform is the longest phase of the BbyC method, and your serious efforts will pay off.

The Sarasota fitness community is all about challenge. Whether you're running the bridge, working out in the park, or taking advantage of one of the various Sarasota fitness classes, the transform phase is your opportunity to seriously increase the intensity.


Fitness isn't static.

Evolve your Workout

During the evolve phase, the BbyC method embraces the idea of muscle confusion. You will never know what's coming next. Expect sore muscles, sustainable nutrition, and true strength building. As your Sarasota personal trainer, I will truly test your limits.

Evolving is crucial to living a healthy Sarasota fitness lifestyle. Once you have tested out of the transform phase, we will ramp up your routine once again. Muscle confusion and intense sessions make up this phase.

BbyC Pricing & Packages

Adapt. Transform. Evolve.

First Time Assessment

Are you Ready?
$40 Intro Session

Are you ready to ADAPT your life to include fitness?  Do you need to TRANSFORM your body?  Is it time to EVOLVE?  Let’s set up your first-time assessment and workout!

Personal Training

Work in Progress!
$ 60 Per Session

Once we’ve set up your fitness routine, it’s time to book your sessions.  Space is limited.  So, book your sessions today!  Advance booking and bulk pricing is available.

Concierge Fee

Based on Location
$ 3 - $10 Per Session

I take my personal training method to your location.  Most areas in Sarasota do not have a concierge fee, but anything outside of my service area may require a small fee.

Concierge fee is on a case by case basis.  Last minute additions to the schedule may require a concierge fee.

Custom Packages

Special events, competitions, etc.
TBD Per Package

These short-term training plans are a perfect solution for snowbirds, brides-to-be, dancers, and professional competitors.  Consultation for performances also available.

Your Sarasota Personal Trainer

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    Concierge Fitness: Personal Training Done Your Way

    Concierge fitness is personal training done your way, on your schedule, and at the location of your choice.  If you are struggling to squeeze a fitness routine into your life, this is the option for you.

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    Custom Packages, Competition Preparation, and More

    Preparing for a special event or competition?  I’ve got you covered.  I have had the privilege of working with professional body builders to ballet dancers.  My unique background is perfect to help you prepare.

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    Sarasota Fitness Classes: Pure Barre

    Pure Barre Sarasota has been my home base for years, and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon.  I love the clients; I love the staff; and, most importantly, I love this unique, low-impact fitness and strength-building method.

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